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Welcome to the future of CUPRA with GoConnect App

 Drive smart, stay connected


CUPRA Singapore is excited to unveil the GoConnect App, a revolutionary tool set to transform your driving journey. Integrated into every CUPRA electric vehicle (EV), GoConnect stands as your ultimate road companion, delivering unmatched connectivity and tailored services right at your fingertips.


What is GoConnect?


GoConnect is a specialised connectivity solution designed to enhance your driving experience.


Stay Smart. Say goodbye to unnecessary workshop visits as you gain full control of your car's health and performance, all while also saving money on maintenance costs.


Stay Cool. Immerse yourself in world-class technology, effectively upgrading you to a connected car. Unleash the true potential of your vehicle with advanced features and functionalities that elevate your driving experience to new heights.

Stay Connected. Powered by advanced telematics, GoConnect seamlessly delivers high-quality car data to your phone while ensuring your privacy remains intact through robust end-to-end encryption measures.


Make your life easier with connectivity

You can monitor your car's location, track your trip history, and even chat with your service advisor. Supported by world-class technology, can you imagine a cooler driving experience?

Self onboarding

Users can set up the app, activate their vehicle, and verify their ownership by following simple and intuitive onboarding steps on the app.

Live technical status

Users get a live overview of the status of their vehicle and are notified when something is not working as intended or a warning lamp appears on the dashboard.


Warnings are displayed in the app when a dashboard warning lamp activates. Users can view the warning lamp's details and take immediate action.

Service booking

Users can book services, check the dealership's service calendar, and select a date for any necessary service with a few clicks in the app.

State of Charge overview

In the app, users can view the current charge level of the high voltage battery.

Parking position and direction

The app shows the live location of the vehicle and get directions on how to find it. Owners can track their car's location 24/7.




Ready to GoConnect?


Step into a smarter, more connected future with the GoConnect App. Every new owner of a CUPRA EV enjoys a full year of GoConnect services on the house, courtesy of Volkswagen Group Singapore. After your first exhilarating year, keep the connection going with a subscription plan. 

And if you're behind the wheel of an ICE vehicle, no worries; you can also subscribe to join the GoConnect community. 

Join the movement. Drive CUPRA.

What is GoConnect?

GoConnect is a specialised mobile app created to help car owners and drivers harness the power of the car's technical data. It connects the car with the workshop to elevate the driving experience.

Which data is accessible to the workshop?

The workshop can only access service data, error codes, warning lamps and the chat module.

Can I use the GoConnect app on my phone?

GoConnect can be used on all smartphones. If you have an access to the App Store or Google Play Store, you can download the GoConnect app.

Which car models are compatible with GoConnect?

All passenger and commercial vehicles manufactured in 2010 and after, are compatible with GoConnect.

How much does GoConnect cost?

You can subscribe to GoConnect for only $xx/month. With the purchase of a new Volkswagen electric vehicle, Volkswagen Group Singapore covers on a complimentary basis the cost of the Connected car services for one year. After the one-year period has expired, Volkswagen Group Singapore reserves the right to charge for your Connected Car services.

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