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Always one of the guiding principles that we follow at CUPRA. And at the IAA 2023 we will be happy to show all car enthusiasts a dream that has come true. But this time we are less concerned - or let's say: not only - about the unusual vehicle that we are presenting: our new, two-seater, fully electric shooting brake. It's all about the big idea behind it:


Many things can begin with the passion of an individual. The passion of many - becomes a movement. A sports car created by an individual is one of many, no matter how unusually sharp its lines, provocatively aesthetic its proportions and the shooting brake architecture make it. Designed by a tribe, it becomes an expression of a larger, shared desire. Co-created by 270,000 individuals. And all electric. CUPRA DARK REBEL. CREATED BY OBSESSION.

That's the description. Or to put it another way - we asked ourselves: what happens when the CUPRA Tribe - consisting of individually car-loving people who love racing, speed, direct acceleration, power development and an unseen contemporary-sporty aesthetic - design a vehicle together? This question became a dream that was initially implemented virtually.



Of course, we were thrilled that 270,000 members of the CUPRA Tribe felt addressed by this idea as co-creators. Every single one of their virtual hyper configurations went into the design of the CUPRA DarkRebel, an extraordinary, sophisticated, all-electric two-seat sports car that they want to see realized. But - virtual is one thing, is it also possible in analogue reality? Or impossible? A word that we never unquestion. You can see how we answer the question live in Munich.


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As we find. With a mysterious, mercury-like, fluid-looking exterior color and light as an unexpectedly tangible material. In the light production of its sculptural outer skin that we consciously chose. The lighting concept of the CUPRA DarkRebel begins with the illuminated logo pointing to the front. Continued on the sharply drawn front with a triangular light signature that is now typical of CUPRA and rises slightly from the body.

Also starting at the front, a kind of central spine runs across the overall shape of the vehicle, similar to the keel of a sailing ship. Which brings out the sporty wedge shape even more.

The seemingly fluid body color and the iridescent character of the dark violet tone also develops and changes in movement - depending on how the ambient light hits the vehicle body. This is how his rebellious spirit seems to live and reflect what surrounds him in his own way. Touching the ground, the CUPRA DarkRebel is supported by a wheel design inspired by our racing cars. The triangular CUPRA logo is placed parametrically over the wheel.


"The CUPRA DarkRebel stands for people who love to drive and not be driven," says CUPRA Design Director Jorge Diez. No other vehicle has so precisely expressed the message that we want to send to the world with the CUPRA brand. It is the implementation of our desire to give space to the powerful emotions of many. To set them free - beyond reason and reason. This is our shared obsession. As CUPRA Tribe.



From the outside to the inside. Only 1/3 of the sporty body of the CUPRA DarkRebel belongs to the interior. It encloses the driver and front passenger like a capsule. Radically sporty, futuristic design with progressive bucket seats, a gamifying steering wheel and a gear lever that connects man and machine.

The center of the interior here also forms a kind of central spine. Designed with asymmetrical shapes, lightness and sculptural aesthetics. Manufactured using 3D metal printing technology, it emerges from between the sports bucket seats and stretches forward to seemingly hug the driver. The headrests are decorated with inserts made of copper and a crystal clear transparent material. While the steering wheel combines geometries from racing with the interactivity of the world of gaming. The illuminated, crystal-clear gear lever sends an unmistakable invitation to use it.



A thermal imaging camera monitors the interior climate from the roof, while the intelligent system adjusts temperature and airflow. The air exits under the windshield through breathable gills lined with stretch fabric developed in high-performance sports. At the same time, the color of the ambient background lighting in this area shows whether the interior is heating up or cooling down.

Communication with light also serves information and emotion in the wider interior, made possible by a fluid canvas made of 90% biodegradable bamboo. Through it, light flows through the front of the cabin, below the windshield and exits at the sides of the seats. Light also crowns the seat backs and parts of the steering wheel. A flow of colors is created that can alternate between dark blue, shimmering, reflective magenta and violet.


In addition to all the unusual design and technology aspects, the interior, which is pushed relatively far back in the vehicle, ultimately only serves one thing: the activation of great power and the living out of a driving obsession - the desire for direct acceleration and the love of speed. 450 hp catapult the fully electric CUPRA DarkRebel from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 4 seconds, making it the most powerful show car we have ever built.

Unveiled at the Volkswagen Group Night, the CUPRA DarkRebel can be seen live in the CUPRA Open Space at the IAA Mobility 2023 in Munich (September 4-10).