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Why do we race?

Motor racing is all about calculation. It's the millisecond that determines the winner of the race. The angle-speed ratio at which the racer approaches a bend. The meticulous combustion process that allows the engine to perform on the tracks. Yes, racing is all about the tiniest units of measurement - but it's also way more. It's the racing lifestyle.

Racing is all about passion. It's the fan cheering at the top of his lungs for his favourite team to win. It's the mechanic feeling his heart racing as fast as the engine he built. It's the driver falling to his knees after losing a race. For us, it isn't about being the best, or the first. We're not in it just for the win, and not many will agree with our way of doing things. We're in it because we want to get better, lap after lap. Because our heart is in the right place. And because we're determined to create new paths and redefine the future of racing.

WSBK Championship: the CUPRA safety car

It is with this spirit of racing that CUPRA becomes an official sponsor of 2018 WSBK, as well as the official safety car for the competition, touring through 11 countries across 3 different continents. Because where there's passion, car racing and motorbike racing are just the same. The smell of burnt rubber on asphalt. The sound of revving engines. The adrenaline rush behind the wheel. It's a great way feel alive, and that right there, is the reason why we do what we do.


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