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A unique virtual platform.

CUPRA Experience

A virtual world to experience our brand.

The CUPRA e-Garage

Already in October we hosted the CUPRA Master Convention via a new, interactive platform called "CUPRA e-Garage in Cap Formentor". Starting November 5th, we will amplify our digital strategy by opening this "virtual space" so that customers and CUPRA Tribe members everywhere can fully immersively explore our brand.


Coinciding with the launch of a new range of vehicles, CUPRA presented a digitization strategy that will be implemented in all areas of the company in the future. Our starting point? The creation of the CUPRA e-Garage in Cap Formentor, a platform that will spearhead this new digital action plan.


Co-developed with Barcelona-based innovation services provider Visyon (part of Mediapro Group), the online platform is an immersive, virtual space where users can create their own avatar and interact with other people, using both voice and text also use chat functions.


This digital world replicates the real spaces and showrooms that CUPRA has around the world. And the exciting part is that we "virtually" located them on the island that inspired our first exclusive model, the Formentor. Here users can explore CUPRA models, discover our lifestyle collections and access a range of exciting brand content. There's even an auditorium for live presentations!

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Antonino Labate, Director of Strategy, Business Development and Operations at CUPRA, said of the immersive online space: "CUPRA is a contemporary brand that emerged in the 21st century, a digital native trying to take advantage of technology by "It puts people and emotions at the heart of its strategy. With our new models we have the opportunity to address a wider audience in a unique way. In this sense, the CUPRA e-Garage in Cap Formentor is the beginning of our journey to create new digital experiences The goal is to make this platform a meeting point for the CUPRA Tribe so that customers around the world can access it".

Looking to the future: CUPRA's new digital initiatives

During an interactive press conference held on the virtual platform, the brand's executives previewed some of the exciting projects that are part of CUPRA's digital strategy. Marketing director Ignasi Prieto said that the brand is working on developing a platform for broadcasting live concerts, where music lovers can interact with their favorite artists and enjoy exclusive content. Another digital experience planned for the coming months involves the co-production of a television series focused on high-performance cars. This will be broadcast via an on-demand video platform.

Prieto also announced that brand ambassadors, such as Marc ter Stegen, Mattias Ekström and Fernando Belasteguín, will next enter the virtual world of CUPRA with their own avatars.

A look back at the CUPRA Master Convention

On October 28th, the CUPRA e-Garage in Cap Formentor hosted the first CUPRA Master Convention: more than 600 CUPRA Masters from 35 different countries came together virtually to receive basic training and become brand dealers. As explained by Khaled Soussi, Head of Dealer Network Development and Customer Experience, we used technology and virtual environments to provide an interactive learning experience. It was an opportunity for the CUPRA Masters to learn about the brand's strategy from CUPRA experts, as well as test their knowledge in a knockout competition, all from the comfort of their own homes.


After opening the first CUPRA Europe Garage in Hamburg, Germany, the brand continues to build an exclusive distribution network with flexible new formats that go beyond traditional dealers. With nearly 520 CUPRA Specialists worldwide expected by the end of the year, CUPRA will continue to expand its network heading into 2021!