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Leon CUPRA Experience

Leon CUPRA Experience

We don’t just build cars.

We’ve also built a whole experience around your Leon CUPRA. Enjoy redesigned car services, unparalleled relationship and exclusive events just for our community.


A new approach to car services.

One-stop after-sales service offering you everything you need to smoothly enjoy your CUPRA experience. From warranty extension to a bespoke insurance policy.

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CUPRA Specialists

Redefining customer service.

We’ve strategically designated some of our dealers as CUPRA Specialists. It is where you can meet the CUPRA experts trained to offer you superior assistance and discover the CUPRA Corner, a space that brings out the essence of CUPRA.

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CUPRA Community

A new world awaits.

The moment you own a Leon CUPRA, you also become part of our community. It’s a world filled with invitations to test drives, lifestyle events, track days and more.